5 Essential Must-Haves for the Perfect BBQ

Memorial Day weekend is finally here! With the nice weather and things getting back to normal, we say it’s time to fire up those grills, heat up your deep fryers (or air-fryers!), and get ready for a nice outdoor BBQ with your friends and family.
Here are the top five essentials we think every cookout should have: 
Charcoal Grill & Tools
No backyard BBQ is possible without a grill and the tools you need for grilling! 
A charcoal grill is a must-have at your next barbecue. It’s easy to use, and foodies crave the smoky, rich flavors the charcoal gives whatever you’re cooking. This is particularly the case when cooking meat for an extended period of time. Like a wood-burning stove, air comes into the grill and passes by the lit charcoal, exiting through an additional vent at the top of the grill—this process when cooking allows for pronounced flavors. 
Grab yourself a spatula, some tongs, a marinade brush…  these are some of the utensils needed to prep your food. 
No cookout should be without games! Whether they’re to create friendly competition or to keep the energy up as a way to pass the time while the food is being prepared, games are perfect for keeping everyone entertained. They can also serve as an excellent icebreaker for guests who don’t know each other well. One of the most popular and classic barbecue games is Corn hole. 
Jenga and cards are also great options, but honestly, having any outdoor games available will be a helpful way to encourage your guests to have fun.
Any outdoor party can be even more festive with some fun, refreshing summer drinks! Some good drinks like freshly-made lemonade, water, and iced tea are perfect for keeping your guests hydrated while enjoying the nice weather! Light beer, summer ales, and Rosé are great options to have on hand for those 21 and older
Tip: When you’re hosting a barbecue, one thing you don’t want to do is play bartender all night. Have your guests serve themselves with easy-to-use drink dispensers. This way, your guests can refill their own drinks, and you'll only be responsible for refills when the dispenser runs low! Have one dispenser full of water infused with fresh fruit and the other with something fun like a sangria! 
Family & Friends
No BBQ would be complete without the perfect guest list.
For a great cookout, you need the right people around you. So gather up all your friends and family and start celebrating!
There is no better company than that of loved ones. 
  • Food! 
  • Of course, we saved the best for last! Ending our list off, we need to talk about food. To have a great cookout, you will need some tasty food! Keep your guests satisfied this Memorial Day by cooking with Lefty’s Spices products. Check out our blog for some simple and delicious recipes we’ve come up with that are always a hit at our family get-togethers!
    Remember, everything tastes better when cooked among friends and family, enjoying the beautiful summer weather.   
    Happy Cooking!