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The lip-smacking barbecue sauce that made Lefty’s Restaurant famous is now available in a convenient, take-home 18 oz. bottle. Our all-purpose homemade barbecue sauce is a must-have product for anyone who loves to grill as much as we do.

The spicy barbecue sauce is the perfect balance of sweet and heat that does not overpower the tender taste of any meat. With a shelf life of 24 months, both varieties of Lefty’s BBQ sauces are a necessary staple for any kitchen.

Lefty’s gluten free bbq sauce smothered on a chicken sandwich

The Original

mild bbq sauce

Lefty’s Original Mild Barbecue Sauce has a sweet tomato base blended with delicious bold spices to create a condiment that goes with anything.

Sweet & Spicy

Hot BBQ Sauce

Lefty’s Spices Hot Barbecue Sauce kicks it up a notch for folks that like a little more bang in their bite. Cayenne, garlic, red onion, tomatoes, and other flavorful ingredients complement the smooth, original barbecue sauce.

Lefty’s hot bbq sauce with smoking wood and aromatics like jalapenos, onions, and peppers

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3 products

Like Everything Good, It Began in a Trailer…

Walter Nash, Sr., who friends call Lefty, grew up picking cotton in the fields of Georgia. Knowing that he wanted more, a young Lefty was determined to start his own business.

Later in life, he married Margaret, and the couple worked together to fulfill his lifetime dream. Lefty noticed that his wife’s cooking always received enthusiastic praise at family gatherings. With fond memories of cranking up the blues and smoking suckling pigs in a manmade pit with his father, Ben, Lefty dreamed of opening his own restaurant.

In 1989, Lefty and his wife Margaret fulfilled his dream…He opened a roadside restaurant out of a trailer in Hughesville, Maryland offering freshly cooked slow-roasted meats flavored with their signature spices and homemade barbecue sauce. Their original menu consisted of barbecue ribs, chicken, and North Carolina style pork. Margaret prepared homestyle sides to complement the barbecue.

A portrait of Lefty and his wife Margaret
Lefty poses with a sign that reads, “Food that’s good for the soul!”

People came from far and wide to get a taste of Lefty’s barbecue. Lines formed alongside the mesquite and hickory wood piles as smoke poured from the top of the shack. The aroma wafted through the air as hungry guests awaited their turn to get a taste of the renowned homemade barbecue.

The signature barbecue sauce created so long ago is the same recipe used today in Lefty’s BBQ Sauce product. The well-balanced ingredients in the smooth sauce are quickly becoming a household favorite among adoring loyal customers.

Today, the Nash family operates a full-service BBQ restaurant & catering business in Waldorf, Maryland.They still offer homestyle favorites, using premium quality meats and ingredients. In the spirit of great food, Lefty and his family want to share! That’s why they sell their famous BBQ sauce and mixes from their online store, so that households across the country can have a taste of Lefty’s BBQ in their own kitchens.

Lefty’s gluten free bbq sauce is drizzled over freshly smoked bbq pork

Add Homemade Flavor to Any Dish

with our gluten free bbq sauce

NO added saturated or trans fats

Lefty’s versatile barbecue sauce, made in West Virginia, is Kosher and one of the best gluten free barbecue sauces on the market today. There are no added saturated fats or trans fats and no cholesterol in our famous sauce. Lower in salt content than other condiments, there are only 240 milligrams of sodium and 50 calories per serving size.

Add amazing flavor to any meal

The multipurpose barbecue sauce can be used on chicken, beef, seafood, and even vegetables. Kids love it on French fries! It is a natural replacement for ketchup and can enhance the taste of a mouthwatering meatloaf. Used as a BBQ marinade, the juices are sealed into the meat, providing a succulent and tasty dish that will keep the family coming back to the table for more. Lefty’s gluten free BBQ sauce adds amazing flavor to any meal.

Perfect consistency and texture

Both the original and hot barbecue sauces are formulated to perfect consistency and texture. Other barbecue sauces can be too watery or thick, but Lefty’s recipe is the ideal balance that complements any food, instead of overpowering its natural flavors. While you may be tempted to pour a slathering of sauce on your plate, it is not necessary, as a small serving will be sufficient to bring out the delicious blend of herbs and spices that Lefty’s is known for!

Take Lefty’s famous bbq sauce home with you

If you can’t make it to Maryland to visit Lefty’s famous restaurant, having a convenient bottle of his homemade barbecue sauce is the next best thing. Family and friends won’t be able to get enough of the tasty dishes you create with our sauce. By the way, we offer gallon jugs for those that want to make a hit at the next backyard barbecue!

Lefty’s gluten free bbq sauce in regular 18oz and gallon size