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Fish N’ Chicken Mix


Looking for a batter mix, fry mix, or breading mix for your restaurant? Look no further than Lefty’s Fish N’ Chicken mix. Fry up golden-brown appetizers, entrees, and sides with our famous blend of cajun spices and perfectly crispy fry batter. Our fry mix recipe is what made our restaurant famous… why not yours?

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There’s Nothin’ Like Family, Friends, and Fried Chicken

Every restaurant East of the Mississippi needs an exceptional fry mix to impress a crowd that’s used to Mama’s cookin’! Lefty’s Fish N’ Chicken mix, with its delectable blend of onion, garlic, paprika, and Cajun creole seasoning, came straight out of OUR Mama’s (Lefty’s wife, Margaret’s) kitchen. Frankly, Margaret’s creation is what made Lefty’s Spices famous, and now you can buy it wholesale for your restaurant or catering business. Whip up fried green tomatoes, fried chicken, fried fish, fried pork chops, and more with Lefty’s versatile food service fry mix.

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Fewer Ingredients and More Flavor

In the daily hustle and bustle of a restaurant, you need something fast and reliable. Our crispy, delicious batter and fry mixes are ready to use fast - just add water! You don’t need milk, eggs, or any other ingredients to whip up an appetizer or entree using Lefty’s Fish N’ Chicken Mix. Dip chicken, fish, vegetables, and more in the wet batter and then dry seasoning for a bolder taste.

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Health-Conscious and Crispy

As a modern restaurant owner or caterer, you’ve got to cater to the health consciousness of the modern customer. Lefty’s Fish N’ Chicken Mix is formulated without saturated or trans fats, which totally eliminates the need for oil if you wish to offer a healthy, baked alternative. When baked, the texture is not compromised and comes fresh out of the oven with the same crunchy goodness found in deep-fried foods

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Perfect consistency and texture

The beauty of using our fry mix is that you can regulate the crunchiness of your foods, too. The thicker the wet batter, the crunchier your food and vice versa. Your menu. Your choice. Use our mixes on appetizers, and our irresistible blend of flavors is sure to have your guests ordering another round for the table.

Top it Off!

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Any chef knows that a sauce should complement the flavors in a dish, not overpower them. Drizzle Lefty’s BBQ Sauce over a variety of dishes, or serve it as a dipping sauce or condiment, for a finishing touch your guests are sure to remember.

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