Grilling Tips That Will Change Your Whole Grilling Experience!

With the 4th of July coming up, we thought it would only be fitting to share some knowledgeable grilling and safety tips with everyone to receive the best grill results this weekend!
  1. Make sure your grill is clean so that when you lay down your ingredients to be cooked, there will be clean grill marks on them, not anything with leftover residue from the previous dish.
  1. Preheat your grill! Give your grill some time to warm up to the perfect temperature for whatever item you decide to throw down that day!
  1. Do your cooking between 300 and 400 degrees, "low and slow," to get the best results from whatever you're grilling. There's no need to rush perfection!
  1. Be sure to open the lid before lighting your gas grill.
  1. Make sure you are not wearing loose clothing.
  1. . Ensure your grill is at least 15 feet away from your house and any other flammable materials. Never fire up your grill in an enclosed area.
  1. Never substitute gasoline or kerosene if you're out of charcoal lighter fluid. Once you start the grill, be patient. Do not add lighter fluid to speed up the heating process.
  1. Store propane tanks outside, sheltered from direct sunlight.
We hope these few tips were helpful. Happy cooking, everyone!