Lefty's Takes Fox 45 News!

Lefty's Barbecue Unlimited, Inc., a beloved local culinary treasure, along with Lefty’s Spices, LLC., recently took center stage on Fox 45 News, showcasing their signature barbecue and scratch-made side dishes.  Alongside the best barbecue in the DMV area, were the bold and flavorful products, Lefty’s Fish and Chicken Fry Mix and Lefty’s Barbecue Sauces.

As the cameras rolled, the founder of Lefty's Spices, Walter L. Nash, Sr., and his granddaughter, Taylor Holland, passionately shared the inspiration behind the Lefty’s brand. With years of commitment and a deep-rooted love for down-home cooking, the Nash family embarked on a mission to create scratch-made dishes and authentic barbecue.  A passion that was inspired by Lefty’s father, Ben Nash.

The segment provided an insightful glimpse into the story behind Lefty's, highlighting their dedication to crafting exceptional flavors that elevate every dish and product they touch. 

Beyond the delectable cuisine, Lefty's Barbecue is also celebrated for its commitment to using high-quality, locally sourced ingredients whenever possible.   This dedication to sustainability and supporting local producers resonates deeply with fans who appreciate not only the taste but also the ethos behind the brand.   

Taylor mentioned folks can experience Lefty’s Barbecue’s irresistible cuisine with the option of carryout, dine-in, and catering.  On the other hand, for Lefty’s Spices, folks can create their inspirational dishes with Lefty’s breader and BBQ sauce.

The Fox 45 News segment served as a reminder of the passion and creativity that drive small businesses like Lefty's Barbecue and Lefty’s Spices to thrive; inspiring culinary adventures one dish at a time, leaving a flavorful legacy that will endure for years to come.