The Guide To Having The Perfect Turkey This Thanksgiving

The Guide to Having the Perfect Turkey This Thanksgiving
With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we decided to share some helpful tips to make an excellent turkey for you and your loved ones. This guide can be beneficial for beginners starting their first Thanksgiving or even for people who have been at it for a while but would like to view some refresher tips to discover if they learn anything new!
Frozen Turkey? No problem!
  • Typically, you would want to thaw out your turkey days before preparation, depending on how big your turkey is. Allow 24 hours for every 5 pounds the turkey weighs, so you might have to make room in the bottom of your fridge to allow the turkey to sit for days.
  • If your turkey is still frozen, don't worry! You could submerge your turkey in a bin of cold water for about 30 minutes per pound, switching the water once the time period is up. 
Wet Brining VS Dry Brining, What's your preference?
  • This option is up to you! One of the advantages of wet brining is that the juices soak into the meat, making it more tender. When smoking this meat reduces the possibility of drying out. A disadvantage would be that the finished product could be mushy even with the meat being moist. 
  • Dry brining is a favorite because doing this gives your turkey crisper skin and better browning overall! The issue with this is that you have to be careful not to oversalt and dry out the meat.
We hope these few tips helped you out, Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!