The Skinny on the Air Fryer

In honor of World Health Day, let's talk about an appliance that has become an essential cooking tool when making healthy recipes: The Air Fryer!

An air fryer is essentially like a broiler and a countertop convection oven combined into one. It prepares and cooks food in the blink of an eye, mimicking the results of deep-frying with nothing more than hot air and little (or no) oil. With the blend of a circulating warming source and the fan's size and position, air fryers commonly heat up and cook rapidly and equitably.

While deep fryers cook your food in a tank of hot oil, air fryers have a similar basket where they prepare food, but instead of being submerged in oil, food is cooked by circulating heat on all sides. The outside of the food cooks quickly and leaves you with crispy food, just like frying in oil. Since the food is not fried directly in oil, the calories are reduced! Also, most air fryers allow oil and grease to drip off the food and into a collector at the bottom, which reduces the total amount of fat. This is extremely important for those looking to lose weight and eat a little healthier without making a drastic lifestyle change so suddenly. 

Both cooking methods bring delicious recipes to life; however, an air fryer requires little preheating time, quicker clean-up time, and a healthier alternative to some traditional fried foods. You will see that many of our recipes involve using an air fryer. We love how convenient it is and, more importantly, the health benefits! We care about the health of our customers and want to convey the importance of a healthy lifestyle. 

World Health Day aims to do that by creating global awareness of physical, mental, and emotional health. Join us in the celebration by choosing healthy behaviors, such as eating healthier, not smoking, more physical activity, consuming fruits and vegetables, and checking in with your mental health.

This slight increase in health can make a big difference! 

Check out some of our healthy air fryer recipes, made with Lefty's Spices, of course!