Lefty's Fish n' Chicken Mix
Lefty's Fish n' Chicken Mix
Lefty's Fish n' Chicken Mix
Lefty's Fish n' Chicken Mix
Lefty's Fish n' Chicken Mix
Lefty's Fish n' Chicken Mix

Lefty's Fish n' Chicken Mix

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When you open the bag, you will immediately know that you are in for a treat! This bold, flavorful, and irresistible coating is a blend of spices that makes you want more!

Experience culinary perfection with Lefty’s Fish N’ Chicken Fry Mix.  Don’t let the name “fish and chicken fry mix” fool you! This multipurpose coating can be used on virtually anything from vegetables to pork chops!!

Not to be outdone, Lefty’s is crafted with care and commitment to quality, and on poultry it can transform your chicken into crispy masterpieces, enveloped in a tantalizing blend of herbs and spices.  With each bite, experience a harmonious balance of savory goodness that keeps you back for seconds.

Whether you’re hosting a family feast or entertaining guests, Lefty’s Fish N’ Chicken Fry Mix is your secret weapon for creating unforgettable meals.  Elevate your dishes with the perfect combination of crunch, flavor, and satisfaction, courtesy of Lefty’s!

Product Description:
~16 oz. or 3 lbs.
~Convenient Ziploc feature.
~No eggs or milk is needed.  Just water.
~Versatile enough for deep frying, pan frying, baking or air frying.
~Made in Philadelphia

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews

Makes fried chicken and fish taste great

Kevin Waldron
When you want to add a kick.

When you want to add a kick to your chicken, fish or shrimp this is what you need.

Paige Freels
So delicious!!

My family and I love this chicken mix and you can truly be versatile with how you cook it. Oven, pan, or deep fried, anyway is the best way! Don't hesitate to buy it because it's just that good!


Simply fantastic!

Timmy Costa
Love Lefty’s

Can’t find it in my area. I have to order it online. We especially love the spicy version. It’s hotter than most with great flavor.