5 Essentials for the perfect Tailgate Party

While Christmas is right around the corner, we can’t forget that football season is still in full swing! 

Cheering on your favorite teams can get exhausting if you don’t have the suitable materials. So, we’ve come up with a list of five essentials you need to throw the perfect tailgate party for your friends and family! 


Step One: Get the Essentials!

Regardless of guess count, load up on some of these party essentials: disposable cups, plates, paper towels, lighters (this one is a MUST if you’re grilling), chairs, coolers, and a first aid kit. Don’t forget the hand sanitizer! 

*Tip* Toothpicks are great to have around for after everyone’s done eating!


Step Two: Good Food!!

Speaking of eating, let’s get down to what’s important; good food! Some essentials you should stock up on are your favorite chips, sodas, juices, and dips. *We have a fantastic BBQ Chicken Dip you should try!* 

Other go-to favorites are wings, hamburgers, hot dogs, and anything else you can grill! 


Step Three: Don’t forget the Liquids!

Gameday is all about the refreshments (besides football, of course!). It is up to you on the type of alcohol you serve at the party, but if you provide alcoholic beverages, make sure you have plenty of food and water. Make sure to be stocked up on beers, seltzers, and other group favorites. 


Step Four: Set up and Clean up

Make sure you plan to arrive early, only bring the necessities, and clean as you go! No one likes celebrating a big win for their favorite team then being reminded they have to clean. Instead, have garbage bags available and pick up as you go.  

Pro Tip: Keep the decorations light! Skip the football-shaped balloons and keep it simple. 


Step Five: Have Fun!

We know hosting can be exhausting, so remember to have fun. Kick up your feet and let us do the work… We have everything you need. 

From recipes for game day wings, and crowd-pleasing appetizers, to our fan-favorite Fish N’ Chicken Mix, Lefty’s Spices knows how to do tailgating the right way!